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Approximately 4 billion prescriptions for medication are filled each year in the U.S. Understaffed local pharmacies are hard-pressed to keep pace with demand. As a result, many consumers do not receive the attention to detail that they deserve.

Attorney Shuman Can Help With Your Medication Error Case

Millions of trusting consumers receive incorrect prescriptions — and those who are injured should consider whether to file a pharmacy negligence claim. Similar examples of serious medication error in hospitals and clinics can lead to legal action for medical malpractice.

Pharmacy negligence and medication errors can lead to serious or fatal health consequences. When you believe you have been victimized by a pharmacist's oversight, protect your rights. Contact the Boston-area Law Offices of Robert A. Shuman.

Legal Counsel for Pharmacy Negligence and Medication Error Victims

For more than 35 years, Robert A. Shuman has devoted his experience and energy to achieving justice for victims of medical negligence. He provides legal services with integrity and a commitment to providing personal attention to New England injury victims.

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The Law Offices of Robert A. Shuman — Protecting Your Health and Future

Examples of pharmacy negligence and medication error cases we handle include:

  • Providing the wrong medications, wrong dosages or overdoses
  • Failure to recognize potentially harmful drug interactions
  • Failure to anticipate effects of drug allergies
  • Failure to counsel the consumer about a medication
  • Confusion over drugs of similar appearance or name
  • Pharmacist miscommunication with a doctor's office
  • Overemphasis by a pharmacy on speed and volume over safety
  • Inadequate regulations

Pharmacy negligence is preventable. Medication errors are avoidable. The legal actions we file on your behalf send out these messages, loudly and clearly. At the Law Offices of Robert A. Shuman, we show zero tolerance for shortcuts in procedures that could endanger your health, or lead to a tragic wrongful death.

You can depend on Attorney Shuman to work hard for the results you need. His negotiation and litigation skills have won many millions of dollars for his personal injury and medical malpractice clients.

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