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When you are admitted as a patient to a hospital or see a doctor in his/her office, you should expect to receive a high standard of care. Some professionals fall short of these expectations, leaving you with the burden of an injury and its financial consequences.

When a doctor's or hospital's obligation to you is overlooked due to negligence, and your health declines because of medical malpractice, an experienced personal injury attorney can act to safeguard your legal interests.

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Justice for seriously injured victims of medical negligence throughout Massachusetts has been our goal for more than 35 years at the Law Offices of Robert A. Shuman.

Attorney Shuman has achieved results for countless clients whose lives were affected by medical bills, lost wages and the excruciating pain of an injury. Attorney Shuman works hard, in and out of court, to see that your interests are protected at all times. His tireless dedication has led to a number of multimillion-dollar recoveries.

If you suspect that negligence by an attending physician, surgeon, nurse anesthesiologist or other health care provider has injured you, contact the Law Offices of Robert A. Shuman.

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Speak with us immediately if your family has been harmed by medical malpractice, including:

Even the most winnable medical malpractice cases can require many months, if not years, of preparation and perseverance. Our dedication to you is total — we fear no time frame, no budgetary constraint or no insurance company's legal offensive. When we accept your medical malpractice case or undertake a wrongful death legal action on your family's behalf, we have a long-term investment in your success.

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