Premises Liability ­ Lead Paint Poisoning - $2,225,000

Lead-Paint Poisoning - Learning Disabilities $2,225,000
Injuries alleged: Learning disabilities, diminution in IQ, and other cognitive deficits associated with lead-paint poisoning
Court/case #: U.S. District Court
Tried before judge or jury: Jury
Special damages: Projected diminution of earning capacity of two brothers.
Amount of award: $2,225,000 (with interest)
Highest offer: $200,000

Case Summary:
This case involved the lead poisoning of two children who lived in a three-family home in Brockton. The two brothers were both found to be lead poisoned and underwent chelation. The plaintiff offered expert testimony that each child would probably have advanced further academically and vocationally had they not suffered lead paint poisoning and resulting brain damage.
The less affected child had blood levels averaging 27. He was in a special needs reading program but otherwise was doing fine. Expert testimony substantiated the probability that he would have been of superior intelligence in verbal and language skills as well as performance skills but for the lead poisoning. The jury awarded him $520,830.

The child who was more greatly affected had blood levels which averaged 25. According to specialized neuropsychological testing, he would, but for the lead poisoning, have been of low average intelligence, but the lead poisoning made him mildly retarded and impaired in all areas of cognitive functioning. The jury awarded him $1,170,000.